Vega School 2010 - Showcase design and event concept.
Concept: Nicci Martin, Shakera Kaloo, Jonothan Cane
Design: Nicci Martin
Photography: Mickey Burnett.
Copy: Shakera Kaloo
For 5 years I was the 3rd year lecturer at Vega School to the
BA Degree students specializing in Visual communication. 
In 2009 and 2010 it was our task to was organize & communicate the
graduating year's final exhibition & to invite the design and advertising
industry experts to see the student's portfolios. 
We came up with a Warehouse concept for 2010.
A warehouse filled with great thinkers.
It was a very successful event that we held at
The imagination Lab in Braamfontein with
spectacular views of the industrial side of the city. 
We carried through the warehouse concept by using woodworking
tools as props, masonite wood, yellow construction tape and
warehouse-style shelving to display the student's work on.
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