Vega School 2009 - Showcase design and event concept.

Concept: Nicci Martin & Shakera Kaloo
Design: Nicci Martin
Photography: Mickey Burnett.
Copy: Shakera Kaloo

For 5 years I was the 3rd year lecturer at Vega School to the
BA Degree students specializing in Visual communication. 
In 2009 and 2010 it was our task to was organize & communicate the
graduating year's final exhibition & to invite the design and advertising
industry experts to see the student's portfolios. 
Thankfully we always had a food and drinks budget for the evening,
but for everything else we had to use what was at hand - usually student's
as the models and store rooms filled with interesting 'props'.
We also had to pull everything together within a few days as
we still had classes to teach, portfolios to consult on and the
following year's curriculum meetings and paperwork to attend to.

We came up with the concept that it was an open hunting season on young creative's.
All the creative directors could hunt down the best graduates for their agency.
It was a very successful event that we held at The Legacy Corner in Sandton City and all
the fancy food and champers were sponsored by The Legacy Hotel group.
We made use of their 2 storey wall made up of sixteen 50", HD TV screens by showing student
photographs which looked as though they were inside a huge digital cage.
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